Little Massholes

Extra! Extra!
The Masshole has started blogging! Here she’s discussing hostile wombs and little Bostonian lesbians beating up those poor little sperm inside of her.

Memoirs of a Masshole

This waiting shit is for the birds.  Who ever thought two weeks could take so long??  Two weeks to find out if all the money spent and being poked and prodded paid off.  Two weeks to find out if there is a little tiny person kickin it in the womb.  Speaking of wombs, the term Hostile Womb really cracks me up.  We can’t help wondering if I have little tiny Masshole Lesbians inside my uterus bullying the sperm just trying to complete their mission.  Hats on backwards, arms crossed, all bowed up with Boston accents, yelling at the innocent little sperm,  “What the fack ah you doin heah??  Get the fack outta heah!”  It is, after all, the first time sperm has entered the premises.  I am what they call, a “Gold Star”.  So here is to hoping the little Massholes inside me cooperate, and let just one sperm accomplish…

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