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I think I saw this guy in my nightmare last week

Today I’m heading to the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. I go every year, mostly because I get two free passes to all the Disney parks with free parking. Otherwise, I wouldn’t spend the $100 to get in just so I can get tipsy “around the world.”
Not only do we go for the copious amounts of food and spirits, but who doesn’t love a random .38 Special concert?! We usually plan it around what band is playing. I am a sucker for a good 70’s singer/songwriter act. Today Night Ranger is playing.

Any trip to Disney is really…interesting, to put it mildly. It’s perfect birth control. While I’m making my 2nd way around the world and on my 2nd sake bomb I have started to tune out all the parents pleading with their children to, stop eating that, to stop climbing on that or to stop putting their hand in there. The “there” in that last example was overheard in a bathroom stall. I always imagine a family walking a razor thing edge between, fun family time and I’m ready to walk quietly away from these people or else I’m going to start sobbing. This forced family time can drive some parents to the edge of sanity. I have been shushed by a mom at the .38 Special concert. I have heard a mom berate a Disney food cart employee for giving her a too small serving of schnitzel. It makes my ovaries cringe. Between counting the number of obese people in motorized carts (which is usually 20+) and counting the number of teenagers checking Facebook on their phones because they hate their families, I can’t wait for my Disney day!