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I started writing this blog as a way to inject some excitement into my life. I can say silently with a sense of pride, “Yea, I write a blog. What do YOU do?” There is no “you” yet since I don’t have much or any of an audience.

This is harder than I thought though. I don’t want to just vomit, spew, write something down just for the sake of posting. It needs to have some purpose. However, I’ll have an idea, write some things down and then come up with reasons it stinks. I figured a basically anonymous forum would allow me to write freely. I’m just going to press on and see an idea through and soon enough I’ll pop my blogging cherry. I need this. Something has to help with this restlessness I’ve been feeling lately. Not like this can replace my longing for the mountains of the west. I live in the flatlands of Florida. But this could give me a different sense of adventure.