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What the hell do people do when they go into a public bathroom?  First, I’m not into anything weird like wanting to watch people and I’m not judging if you are, let you’re freak flag fly, as long as everyone consents.  So what I mean is, when I go to the bathroom it’s pretty uneventful.  I go, get rid of my waste, wash my hands and get out.  No dawdling.  I am constantly amazed by the bathroom at my office.  Girls on their phones in the stalls, texting while sitting on the trashcan, leaving the water running in the sink.  These are the cleanest examples of strange behavior.  I am constantly amazed at how badly people behave in there!  Some just don’t flush, or even try to aim.  Not that long ago my HR Manager found a pair of dirty women’s underwear just outside the bathroom door.  I truly cannot wrap my head around that one.  I want to come up with a funny story to explain it but I…..I got nothin’.

I work in the accounting department at a call center for a local timeshare company.  So needless to say, I work with a lot of sales people and god love ’em, but most are only in it for themselves.  I actually care about where I work and who I work for. My bosses treat me right and they respect me.  The lack of disrespect that some of these employees show is startling.   And to add insult to injury, us back office folk do the unclogging and messy clean-up jobs.  I did draw the line at cleaning up some bitch’s sick in the sink.  I’m not cleaning up vom-vom.

So next time nature calls, drop off your waste in the proper spot, wash your hands, check for food in your teeth, fix your hair and get the hell out of there!