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A good friend of mine thinks there’s a link between pent-up anger and bad breath.  He works with a girl who, as he puts it, can wilt a flower with her breath.  I’ve never smelled it because I avoid hugging her like the plague.  When I see her I literally take a deep breath, and give her a “chin up” non-verbal hello.  She makes me about as comfortable as wet jeans.  This girl is a therapist.  I always get the feeling that she’s sizing me up when I talk to her.  She’s an angry person which is surprising given her career path and her inability to make people feel comfortable.  Homegirl downs about a bottle of wine a night.  Given her alcohol intake and her anger we think it manifests itself in her breath that smells like a hot baby’s diaper.  I wonder if there’s any studies that might link the two.