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Today I was not so patiently waiting for my new flatcap from Goorin Brothers to arrive.  I am newly obsessed with this company.  Their styles, inspired by a time when hats were commonplace to any man or woman’s outfit.  However, these aren’t your grandpa’s hats.  They have a current take on classic styles.  Not only has it inspired me to appreciate the differences in styles but it makes me appreciate a truly American made product.  When I visited one of their stores in Chicago, the shop girl told us they are a multi-generational American, hat making family.  It’s still family owned and the company started in the late 1800’s.  And the company as a whole, hasn’t lost that old-world feel.  Dark wooden bookshelves filled with hats.  Custom, locally made, head stands modelling various hats.   All their signage created in San Francisco as well.

 When I was at the Chicago store, I bought one of their wallets.  The stitching on the inside is what really sold me.  I felt like it was a piece to keep, not just a wallet that I’ll toss in a few years.  When my hat arrived today it came with a loyal hat purchaser card that gets my 11th hat for free and a handwritten note from the man who took my order over the phone.  He told me to enjoy my hat and to stop into the store when I’m in Chicago again.  He signed it “Adam Shmadam”.  When he took my order he asked for my email address and it’s Adrienne Schmadrienne.  He loved that and when I noticed how he signed the note I was even more sold on this company.  There’s a reason this company has been in business for so long.