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That is why I found myself yelling when I saw the trailer for the new movie New Year’s Eve.  When is this senseless attack on us moviegoers going to end?  I’ll give her this….homegirl has the neurotic, bitchy, oft overlooked until the end of the movie, chic down pat. 

She just looks like a hellish bitch.  I don’t think Josh Duhamel is a great actor but I give him some props for acting like he was in love with that douche in Life As We Know It.  

I wouldn’t watch her even if I was in a Jack Daniels fueled hangover with my back thrown out.  I would rather limp over to the cable box, sit down indian-style and run manually through the channels then be subjected to that mug of hers.  Seriously, she gives rom-coms a bad name.  Kate Hudson is a close second to the ol’ Heigl monster. 

this is my impression of people's faces when they see my movies!