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Tampa, Fl – Local resident and watersports enthusiast, Amanda Reese, 28, turned down an offer of “fantastic garlic asparagus” because of her love of urinating on her sexual partners.

Reese was casually eating a bowl of garlic edamame at a local sushi hot-spot and had just confessed her love of garlic.  Reese explained, “All of a sudden this girl said that I should try her garlic asparagus.  I mean, what am I supposed to say?  I pee on people!  It’s just what I’m into.”  Reese, left with no other option, politely declined the offer.  “I told her that I was positive they are delicious, but I have some yellow discipline to give out later and it just wouldn’t be right.”  Perplexed, the asparagus offering woman grew very quiet for the rest of the evening.