Orlando, Fl – After waking up Thursday morning, four hours after leaving Sonoma, a local restaurant and lounge in the Thornton Park neighborhood of Orlando, Autumn Goldberg realized she had sent a drunken text message to her friend, who shall remain nameless, asking, “What’s up?”  Goldberg’s friend had walked her to her car around 2:30 a.m.  The two hugged good-bye and drove to their respective homes.  Goldberg, who left unsatisfied, sent the text in hopes of scheduling a late night rendezvous.  Upon waking for work, Goldberg recalled sending the text message and then simply said, “Oh Jesus!”  When asked to comment, the friend who shall remain nameless said, “I don’t know what she meant.  I just left her and now she’s asking me, ‘What’s up?’ like I hadn’t seen her all night!”