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I've got my goat! Let the merriment begin!

The generation gap when it comes to technology is hysterical to me.

Mom: I don’t know, what’s this envelope on my phone mean?

Mom: Wha’dya mean you talk to him on Facebook?

Mom: I don’t understand this wall business.
So, I am hosting my second annual Ugly Holiday Sweater party next week.  I sent my mom a picture of the invitation because, well it’s hysterical and so stupid.  My mom said she liked it but it just didn’t look like me.  To which I replied, “Mom, I’m holding a goat.”  Also, she didn’t notice the head to hairy hands ratio on my party partner.  I had to explain to her how this came to be.  She was amazed.  Mom can email and after a few baby steps she can send AND receive texts.  I don’t know if she has enough years left in her to learn about the fine art of bad Photoshop.