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I went to a house party a few of my friends were throwing on Saturday.  I usually opt out of these things when I don’t have a buddy to go along with me but I like these girls enough and they’re coming to my party Friday, so I wanted to reciprocate. 

I show up and there are all of ten people there and I only know the hosts.  An hour goes by.  At this point I’ve had 3 drinks (from awkwardly speed drinking since I don’t have many people to talk to) and upped it from beer to liquor.  However, I was smart and stayed away from whiskey.  The conversations get morse sparse which accelerates my drinking.  I decided it was best to get a little food in me.  I browsed the household’s dvd selections and wall art.  After that killed about five minutes of time, I went back outside and start inspecting the deck.  I check out their grill, even though I don’t even know how to turn on my own.  I stop short of lifting the grill cover and checking for weight-bearing walls.  I have literally run out of things to look busy doing.  This is when smoking cigarettes came in so handy.  My perfect social crutch.