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No not really, but I do want to thank the author of my new favorite morning read, Disseminatedthought for the nomination.  I have my usual sites I visit the first thing in the morning, to help ease me into my workday and this is now in the rotation. I’m über new to all of this so it’s wicked exciting that someone, A.) is enjoying this sh*t and B.) thinks I string a few nouns, verbs and pronouns together well enough to create a visual and spin a yarn or two.

Now I can’t just receive this nomination and walk away, ego inflated and all.  I have to divulge seven things about myself and nominate fifteen other blogs I think are worth a read.

  1. My brother and I are 9 years apart.  We are practically only children from the same parents.  We really don’t know each other well.
  2.  Every Friday, my fun money portion of my paycheck gets deposited into my account and I rarely make it to Sunday without a text from my bank telling me my balance is low.
  3. I grew up with the dream of playing golf professionally.  Then I had to grow up and get a real job.  I’m an accountant now.
  4. I have a stereotypical mom tattoo;however, mine is in her handwriting and it says “Love Mom”
  5. I have a serious new love for cake flavored vodka
  6. I moved out of my house and camped for a summer when I lived in Colorado
  7.  Hopefully finding 7 things to write about myself will one day be an easier task

Now on to the blogs I like.

  1. The Bourbon Girls
  2. Talker 96’s Page of Awesome
  3. On My Square
  4. The Understander
  5. Ashley Jillian
  6. The Jackie Blog
  7. The Dingleberry
  8. Keegan Gibbs – Blog

Well I made it a little over half-way to 15 but like I said, I’m new to this.  I haven’t gotten around as much.  However, those sites are wicked enjoyable, so take a look for yourself. 

Again, a big thank you to The Dissemination of Thought for the nod.