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Orlando, FL – Local resident Amanda Feinstein broke wind early Thursday morning and was immediately flooded with memories of her ex-boyfriend Steve.  Feinstein recalls, “I was sitting on my couch, eating some cereal and farted.  It was really long so I started laughing and doing my normal, eyes wide open, look around, to see if anyone may have heard.”  After the initial bit of humor subsided, Feinstein had a rush of relief and sadness when she remembered Steve’s almost unbearable gas.  “I thought, ‘Well I guess that’s one more thing I won’t miss!”  She later admitted that her love for him is stronger than any sulfur, egg smelling, someone died in your anus, gas.  “Geez, I could handle the daily crop dusting and the sleep farts if it meant I could wake up next to him again!” 

Feinstein ended the interview in tears.