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Lyndon, the crafty author of my new favorite blog, The Dissemination of Thought came to me with an idea for a guest post of sorts.  He had the idea to ask each other a few questions and we agreed no subject was off-limits.

1. Is there any way you can incorporate your childhood dream of playing professional golf with your current vocation?  Is a pink bedazzled shorts-wearing accountant an option?

The common thread between golf and accounting is most definitely integrity.  Yes, yes, I do remember Enron but for the most part, accountants and golfers are responsible for representing their numbers in an honest, believable and supportable traceable way.  Pink bedazzled shorts?  I think I’d rather go lie face down in my pool for a while then wear pastel colors with rhinestones.

She looks like an easter egg

2. What’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever put in your mouth on a dare?

Probably John Rife’s tongue.  He was like an eager, sugar crazed, fat kid licking an ice cream cone.

3. What form of knitted horror did you end up selecting for your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party?

I wore a blue, heavy, knit number with a snow person couple on the front.  They are wearing scarves and it has a 3D quality.  The tasselled ends of their scarves protrude from the sweater.  One of them is holding an American Flag.  Plus the damn thing has shoulder pads.

It's not an awesome picture. It's not an awesome sweater. Sidenote - nothing like Christmas in Florida! Sweater and flip flops

4. Who’s the best option for the Republican Party: Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry or a cactus wearing assless chaps?

I like that you left out Newt Gingrich.  I would’ve too.  Now Ron Paul is leading the polls in Iowa.  But to be honest, I don’t think any of them have a chance at winning the presidency.  And for that I’m relieved.  The GOP can’t seem to get behind Romney.  It’s strange that almost every candidate with the exception of Huntsmann and Santorum (who I believe is bat shit crazy) has had their time ahead in the polls. But none of them seem to have staying power.  I think Romney will get the nomination but I don’t think a Mormon can win. And what is this bullshit that he believed government subsidized healthcare was right and worked for the state of Massachusetts but not for the nation?!.  What a horse’s ass.  And he did everything he could to block gay marriage in Massachusetts as well.   I can’t get down with that.

Who's the best of the worst?

5. What’s the stupidest thing you have ever purchased?  How much was it, and how long did it take for regret to come knocking once you had parted with the cash?

Oh I absolutely regret getting my new car! It was way too expensive and I was too naive to realize how bad my loan details were (I may be an accountant but I’m not great with money).  I had to have this car…..Saab convertible.  It’s hot, it looks good.  However, regret set in immediately when I had to make my first car payment after not having one for 16 years.  Then it got worse when the routine maintenance started.  I miss my Toyota.  I miss having a car that I didn’t mind if it had minor scratches and dents.  Nice cars aren’t worth it.

Regret is a waste of time. Life's too short. But this lil beauty...yea I regret this one.

So this is the end of my first guest post.  Lyndon you were right, it’s a nice easy way (let’s not call it lazy) to come up with a post in the lead-up to the Christmas holiday.  Cheers!  Happy Holidays.