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Something interesting happened this year.   For the first time in my New Year’s resolution-making life, I actually stuck to one of them.  Every year I start off like most poor bastards with lofty goals for the new year, only to find that one month later I’m making excuses as to why nothing has changed. 

I’m going to exercise more! 

I’ll curb my spending and save money! 

Quit biting my nails!  (I’ve never been close to succeeding on this one)

However, this year, for some reason I’ve stuck to the one resolution I absolutely detest.  I still hate it.  I just hate it a little less.  Running.  I went for a run on New Year’s eve so I could rationalize eating and drinking copious amounts of food and wine later that evening.  That afternoon I ran farther than I’ve ever run.  At dinner, with adrenaline, endorphins and Cabernet coursing through my veins, I declared that I was going to sign up and run a 5k.  Yes I know a 5k isn’t that lofty of a goal but in my 30+ years of never running, it’s a biggie.  Cut to two days later, maybe half a mile into my next run and I’m stopping to fruitlessly stretch my arches and calves that are on fire. 

However, I kept on shuffling through my runs and ran my first 5k.  Now it’s the end of the year and I’m still running reguarly.  Sidenote: I will never be one of those people who claim that they “Sure needed that 14 mile run today!”  Or a knob who uses a hydration belt for a 3 mile run

I’ve seen 2011 be brutal to a few of my good friends and for them, I’m happy to see the year come to a close.  However, for me, this is the year I realized I’m not too old to still surprise myself.