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My girlfriend’s company is a big sponsor of the Citrus Bowl Parade in downtown Orlando this weekend.  They’re the main liquor and food vendor.  I had offered to help bartend at the two football bowl games.  She said they are fully staffed for that but she did say they need people to walk around the crowd and sell pretzels out of a hot bag.  I didn’t tell her no as much as I told her to fuck off.  For the last 3 days, she’s been muttering, “Get your pretzels!  Pretzels here!”  I will not vend pretzels out of a hot bag on parade day. 

This got me thinking.  Thinking about jobs that some of us will do willingly because it’s an honest wage.  Then thinking about people like me, who are assholes, that would never do a certain job even if it means money coming in.  With the Republican primaries looming and the inevitable topic of illegal immigration on the table when the presidential race really heats up, I can’t help but think of twisted arguments politicians use to reach out to their bases and how insensitive and out of touch some of these assholes are.  Some members of the Republican party, who pride themselves on being “the party of the family”, want to build a fence, electrify it and toss all the illegals over the side of it.  Newt Gingrich (I shudder to think of the possibility of President Gingrich) is the only one with a humane immigration policy.  His stance falls more in line with the party’s pro-family values. 

Not all illegal immigrants pay payroll taxes but most do and will never see those benefits when it’s their time to retire or if they get sick and need Medicare.  In 2005 illegal immigrant workers contributed $7 billion a year to Social Security and $1.5 billion to Medicare.  Add that to the growing call to reform Social Security because what’s coming in doesn’t equal what’s being paid out and they actually help Social Security since they cannot collect on the money they contribute.  It’s a simplistic way of looking at it but I’m a simple-minded gal or simpleton, whatever.  If anyone has even read this far into this un-focused, rant, thank you and kudos to you for sticking with it.  I don’t really know where I’m going with this other than ranting about the fact that there are shit jobs out there that the average asshole American wouldn’t do for the wage that an illegal would and to dismiss their efforts and contributions is so wrong. 

Sidenote: before I finished writing this, my girlfriend told me they are now thinking about renting a cotton candy machine and she’s going to teach me how to spin cotton candy for tomorrow.  WHAT…a funny girl she is.  She can suck it, I’ll be staying in bed.