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Orlando, FL – Local pot smoker, Suze Suzenbacker, had just finished a marijuana cigarette and was waxing-poetic about the importance of tolerance and understanding in modern society when she asked for a stick of gum.  Suze’s friend who would prefer to stay anonymous due to the activities she engaged in recalls, “We had just finished sharing our feelings, as we like to call it, and Susan was going on and on.  Getting real deep about the nation of Israel and how she’d like to travel there and really immerse herself in the culture.  Honestly, I started to glaze over since she does this every time we share feelings.”  Anonymous friend added, “She asked me for some gum so I handed her a pack.  And she fiddled with that pack for a good minute and she could not figure out how to open it.  I snatched it out of her hands, opened it and handed it back to her.  Then get this, she stares at it for another minute and finally asks me where the gum is.” 

We asked Susan about this.  All she could muster was, “I have no idea what happened.  I was so high I couldn’t see straight.”