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I am up way to early for a Sunday morning (Yay not drinking last night!) and I should be running since I haven’t broken a sweat in 2012 (Boo my overruling laziness!).  Instead, I am on WordPress and was hit over the head with the recollection that I was nominated for this lovely little award.  In true Adrienne fashion, I completely forgot to address this properly.  The ever-entertaining Lyndon, author of, The Dissemination of Thought and Sheena the author of the always amusing Facehookin’ nominated me for the 7x7x7 Link Award.  Thank you!  Thank you!  And I’m sorry I didn’t give you the proper props earlier.  My forgetfulness alarms me.

Now on to the details and responsibility of the 7x7x7.

A bit of useless information about me that my tens of readers don’t know.

I often times don’t see the cuteness that everyone else sees when they eye a baby.  I am anticipating the moment when it’s eyes blacken over and it lurches at my neck like the rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  If you haven’t seen it, run out to (Oh that doesn’t happen like that anymore) add it to your Netflix queue and watch it.  You’ll either get it and quote it often or you won’t and you’ll be wicked annoyed with people when they do quote it so often.

Most Helpful Post

Don’t Cook and Watch Homeland at the Same Time

The title says it all.  You must be careful when multi-tasking in the kitchen.  Let this serve as a cautionary tale.

Most Beautiful

I’m not sure if I can call anything I write beautiful but this one tells the story of a woman who dances like no one is watching.  Moving stuff.

Most Popular

This one deals with the issue of immigration and a job that I just won’t do.

Most Controversial

I shy away from controversy.  I haven’t posted anything that has gotten people hopping mad at me.  I’m no Ann Coulter.  But this one always makes me laugh.  It may or may not have actually happened.  Plus, I may or may not be “Area Woman”.

Most Surprisingly Successful

My first guest post of sorts.  I wasn’t surprised by its success at all, since I had a big gun in my corner asking to guest on my blog.

Most Underrated

Fear Pooping and Samuel L. Jackson just for the fact that it talks about fear pooping which is eternally funny to me.  Smart humor or toilet humor…I love ’em both.  It still cracks me up to make a fart noise when I see someone bending over.  Doing it to kids and old people really make that joke sail.

Most Pride Worthy

I’ll have to say, Oh I’m Full of Surprises.  I hope I can still surprise myself in 2012.  So far I have succeeded.  I still have not broken a sweat!

Now the pay it forward part.

Leah’s Letters.  He doesn’t have 7 posts to his blog yet, but I already love the premise.  A father’s letters to his daughter.

The Rubbe.  “Because The Rub was already taken”.  Right from the get go the sub-title has me laughing.

Drunk Good Idea/Sober Bad Idea.  Amusing because I remember doing some of these things in a haze of alcohol.  But sometimes it just makes me laugh uncomfortably because I did some of these things in an alcohol haze.

What I Desired to Say.  Everyone should work in customer service or wait tables for at least 6 months to stop some of the cruel, idiotic behavior servers or customer service reps have to deal with.

Some Summer Sunday.  I like the alliteration. Also the fact that she’s moved from Florida to the Pacific Northwest.  I made the same move west when I was younger.

That’s only 5 but go read TDoT and Facehookin‘.

Well the music is playing and the network has to cut to commercial.  And I…Must. Break.  A sweat.