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Hartsell Lake is a self-proclaimed starving artist.  Lake, spends his time “chasing his muse” and painting into the wee hours of the night.  However, unbeknownst to all Lake’s friends he always manages to have “the most incredible weed”.  Lake’s friend, Bootsy Griffin states, “Man I don’t know.  He hasn’t sold a painting in a year but he’s always got a stash of weed.  He’s got a variety too.”  Griffin continues, “I mean when I get mine, I just get weed.  It doesn’t have a name or anything.  But Hartsell, Hartsell will get Blueberry, Mango, AK-47, Hindu Kush, Sour Diesel.  It’s ridiculous!”

We asked to interview Lake but he’s currently couch surfing and doesn’t think “it’d be cool if he invited some news people over”.   He added, “I haven’t had a place of my own in a year since I got kicked out.  I had a rough patch.  Lost my muse and missed a few months rent .  He tossed me out.”