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“Oh hey Rhianna, can I sneak by you?  I’m just trying to get a drink.”

“Oh hey Kanye.  To the Amway?  Yea sure thing.  Just head a block down to Church, hang a ringo and you’ll see it”

“Hey Jay-Z, can you pass that beer down?  Oh do you want one too?  Tell him you want one more.  It’s on me.  Hova!”

Oh hello.  I was just practicing for this weekend.

Orlando is abuzz now!  Starting Friday a lot of people are descending upon the City Beautiful for the NBA-All Star Games.   It’s been a while since I’ve felt this kind of feeling in the city.  The last time was when the Magic were in the Finals but that was different.  Locals were out in droves.  Seas of people drinking outside clad in their Magic royal blue shirts.  Those were the good ol’ days.  But this is different.  Orlando has hosted the All-Star game before but this time we have a brand new shiny arena to show off.  And I live downtown.  About 2 miles from the arena.  So yea, I’m over the moon excited for this.  For my city and for who’s coming.