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With any major event, there is some controversy.  There’s this fence the city is building smack dab between some local businesses and the arena.  There’s the fact that this event is accessible to mostly deep pocketed “fans” and city officials are getting sky boxes for free.  Business owners are crying foul over this unwanted erection because it prohibits people from going back and forth between events and the stores outside selling food and drinks.  The city’s offered the owners some “chicken feed” as one local business owner described the amount of money being offered to them.    I say tough toenails to all the critics!  The owners were given a chance to operate inside the fence but that didn’t work for them.  They were also subsidized during the construction of the new arena since most roads and sidewalks were inaccessible due to construction.  Almost half of the businesses are behind in rent.  The City wants them running healthy businesses but there’s only so much they can do.  As for the events being accessible to the rich…yeah, so what?  For the most part, the fun is outside the arena – people watching, is where it’s at this weekend.  Aside from Classic Weekend, this is going to be some of THE best people watching but for a whole different reason.   And if you’re in a huff about city officials getting sky boxes for free open your eyes and realize politicians get a lot of shit that we’ll never get.  These are free seats to a basketball game.  It’s not insider trading privileges.