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My chakras, aligned and in tune with the earth’s metaphysical….hahah I can’t even say that with a straight face.  This morning, for no apparent reason, I thought of an old blog post I wrote a few months back.  I published this well before I had my tens upon tens upon tens of loyal readers.  I have no idea why it popped into my head.  Fast forward to an hour later, I’m settling into my chair at my desk and perusing my usual morning websites before I get to the day’s work.  WordPress being one of those, I log on and like any good addict, I check my stats page straight away.  There it is.  My search engine results.  I have had no good reason to do the typical search engine results post.  I get hits from people searching for Katherine Heigl and I will not spend any more time writing about the Heigl Monster.  However, this search item caught my eye: Wonder what her breath smells like.  Yahtzee!  Over my morning ritual, the universe was talking to me.    Was this some strange coincidence?  A higher power speaking to me while I was taking my morning brushing my teeth?  Who knows!  But I will enjoy a lefty later and ponder the meaning of this. 

Well, dear sweet googler, I hope you have found the answer to your question.  For your sake, I hope you didn’t find the answer in my blogI’m sure you’ll be deflated if her breath smells like gin and regret.  However, I’m fairly certain that googling for an answer is not the way to seek the truth.   Nut up and kiss her if you really want to find out!