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I did something yesterday I don’t often do.  I read an entire Freshly Pressed post.  Normally I’ll read a paragraph and scan some of the comments.  Mainly I just want to see what strikes people and why they read what they read.  The author filed the post under humor and jokingly it marveled at the expansive selection of yogurt at their local grocery store.  The humor was dry (one of my favorite flavors of funny).  Not everyone understands dry humor.  I get that.  The serious nature of the responses really threw me for a loop though.   Comments ranged from, how remarkably competitive the yogurt game has become, to, what yogurt they prefer, or how in their country they don’t have the yogurt options that Americans have (how sad!)and there’s always those people screaming about buying organic (damn the man!).   However, one yogurt phile’s response stuck out beyond all the others.    

                “Wow!!  These are gr8 Yogurts 🙂 And have you heard about Planet Yogurt??  It’s the best Yogurt place (a special yogurt café)….at least in my country 🙂 And please check out my latest post on love-“  *insert link here*

Here are some other shameless plugs disguised as comments I never read. 

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Author’s note: Please do not click on these links as they will go nowhere.  But you can click here and I swear it will take you somewhere pretty amazing.