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Shit has been crazy!  Work is kicking my ass and I’m overwhelmed, which doesn’t happen often.  The synapses have fired so much at the office that when I’m home and ready to get down on a post here, all the lights are out upstairs.  I can’t let any more time pass before I thank Transman for the Liebster Blog nomination.  Not only did he nominate me for the Liebster but he was kind enough to give me an opt-out clause with the Alan Smithee Blog Award.  To nominate or not to nominate. That is the question.

It took me an hour to think of something funny or punny but I still have nothing.  Instead I’ll suggest 5 blogs for your reading pleasure so I can get my word count up.

Clown on Fire:  I just found his blog from Transman’s site.  He’s responsible for The Alan Smithee Award so I expect the chain mail madness to stop with him but I’d be remiss to not include him.  Read it!  Now.

Edward Hotspur:  This guy writes the shit out of some shit.  He’s post crazy and I love it.  Always entertaining.

News4Mass:  Anybody who can write Onion-esque articles has my heart.  And they have 6 souls who are doin’ it and doin’ it well.

Promethean Times:  Nothing else to say other than Smaktakula and Tardsie are fucking funny as hell.

The Dissemination of Thought:  Lyndon probably has over 200 followers since he’s wicked awesome but he’s too good not to share.

I’m too lazy, tired and my thighs are on fire from this fucking hot laptop perched here for an hour to alert these folks that I’ve nominated them.  Ridiculous that it has taken me an hour to type this unfunny nonsense.  Anyways, do what you wish.  Take the Liebster and pass it along to 5 other folks or take the Alan Smithee and let it rest.  Or don’t take it.  You have carte blanche.