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“They are just so pro-each other.” 

As soon as I said that I wanted to grab the words, shove them back in my mouth and have them erased from the record.  I knew this was going to need some explaining.  Thankfully, the Masshole knew what I was trying to say.   She laughed and shook her head as if saying – I love you, but please, dear god, stop talking

I said this while drunkenly dissecting a couple’s relationship and why they are zero fun to hang out with when they are together.  Separate, they can be a hoot, but combine these two souls and you have, a walking on eggshells, suckfest. 

Relationships are no walk in the park.  It’s important to inject as much laughter and fun into those turkeys as possible.  I’ll worship the ground you walk on but I’ll be quick to throw the proverbial banana peel in your path and laugh when you slip up.   Bend over in front of me and you bet I’m going to make a fart noise.  Juvenile?  Yes.  Funny?  Absolutely!  But she started it!

Life’s too short to be so serious.  While this couple is leaving less than 3 hearts on each other’s walls and generally adoring each other via their status updates, I’m going to kick it old school and actually talk to my gf.  And then I’ll tell everyone she just farted.