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Once again, Central Florida has found itself home to a tragedy that’s made national news. 

I know my title is light-hearted but I am in no way making light of this situation.  I think what happened on February 26th was incredibly sad and the result of an overzealous, wanna-be cop, who thinks, “these assholes always get away with it”.  Get away with what exactly?  Who are, “these assholes’? 

George Zimmerman

According to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida, people who use self-defense have civil and criminal immunity   However, the release of the 911 calls and statements from a girlfriend, who was on the phone with Travyon as this was all going down, are starting to poke small holes in Zimmerman’s self-defense claims.    I realize these laws protect Zimmerman but, I’ll go out on a limb and say that, I think if a black man had shot and killed an unarmed, white teenager, what happened afterwards would have played out differently.  Sanford’s history isn’t awesome when it comes to justice for and treatment of African-Americans. 

 And who could forget this human stain? 


And this bag of bones not only runs our state but ran a company involved in the largest Medicare fraud case in U.S history.  Let me say again, he ran a company involved in the largest Medicare fraud in U.S History! 

Lord Voldemort

 Central Florida – a place I guess I have to call home.