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It’s Monday and I’m settling into my 8th straight day or work.  4 more to go and I get a day off.  My day job is still kicking my ass.  My 2nd job just kicked my ass this weekend but it allowed me the opportunity to sit and work right next to the 18th tee at Bay Hill and watch Tiger waltz down the fairway to his first win since the shit hit the fire hydrant and women started spewing out everywhere.

Right now, well not right now because right now, I’m writing this, but a little earlier, I was reading resumes for hopeful job seekers and prepping for upcoming interviews.  I’ve never interviewed anyone in a professional capacity.  My interview experience has been mostly perched on top of a bar stool, peppering some poor sap with aimless questions over many beers. 

My plate is full and all I want to do is sit with my Masshole at the beach and take in the Red Sox game today. 

By the way, if you read this whole thing, kudos to you and thank you.  This post is weak and poorly executed and I’m just whining.  I should have enlisted a ghost writer who can complain eloquently.