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Last night I almost died.  I felt death’s cold hand on my shoulder.

The Masshole and I were on the couch together.  I felt my fever growing as I got colder (still confuses me).  Before the hallucinations and delusions started, I had to tell the Masshole how I wanted her to carry on without me.

Baby, look at me.

What honey?

I’m dying.

Aww babe (laughing).

No, I am.  *deep breath* I want you to take the money in my nightstand.  Keep it.   All of it.  It’s yours.  Buy a kitty tower.  With the leftover money, I want you to play Pebble Beach.

Who will I play with?

Yourself.  I don’t have enough money to pay for a friend.  But I want you to take my clubs out there with you.  Like the rider-less bicycle.  But this will be the player-less clubs.

That’s the saddest thing ever (she laughs as she walks away from me).

I know.  Baby, then I want you to spread my ashes on the course.

I think I am finally coming out of the worst part (fingers crossed no more 102+ fever) although I am light-headed as fuck.  A side effect of the antibiotics and the pressure from the sinus infection.  I can’t go through another night like last night.