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I have endured a serious lack of inspiration.  My little bloggy blog has suffered and so has my style.  My hair and blog need an injection of life.  Do I want some color?  Do I want a new blog theme?  Do I need a new banner?  Do I need bangs? 

I’m looking into blaming the antibiotics I’m on for this ridiculous sinus infection.  I think they have sucked the life out of me.  I know a side effect is dizziness.  I’m dizzy everyday.  However, I think the fine print should also include a note about wiping your slate clean.  I spelunk down to the depths of me and find nothing to write about.  

Today’s Friday.  I plan on mouth breathing at my desk, online shopping and looking for new hairstyles.  Maybe I’ll change my banner while I’m at it. 

Completely unrelated photo to inject a little life into this post

How’s this for phoning in a new post?!  WordPress you laid down the gauntlet.  I’ll meet your stupid 75 post goal.  So suck it.