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Le Clown on Fire is understandably taking some time off lately.  I have missed his honest, poignant, absurdity.  Therefore, I couldn’t help but notice this article on Huffington Post earlier.  Clown on Fire isn’t evil and he loves his brood entirely too much to do this to them but I see a clown and think of him. 


In the interest of full disclosure, I love all things horror.  Friday the 13th is somewhat of a holiday for The Masshole and I.  We joke about having a date night that consists of hacking up fornicators.  I sort of agree with Dominic aka The Evil Birthday Clown that “kids love being scared senseless.”  Some kids do.  I sure did.  I watched Faces of Death and Friday the 13th with my cousin while our moms watched Dallas and Knot’s Landing on Friday nights.  What I’m more concerned with is what parent on God’s green earth would want to do this to their kids?  It’s one thing to watch the scary monsters on TV.  It’s a whole other animal to have that scary monster watching little Timmy, leaving him well placed notes warning of an impending attack.  An attack that consists of slamming a pie in little Timmy’s face.  That is mildly funny but the lead up is really fucked up for the little guy

I’m not sure if Mr. Evil Birthday Clown gets a lot of work doing this.  I don’t know what his fees are.  Even if you really want to be a prick and prank your kid, do the math on this one.  Add up 666 Clown’s fees and the 16+ years of therapy you will be paying for and it will probably be cheaper to buy and insure a Formula One racecar for little 8-year-old Timmy.