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I guess I’m not terribly surprised by the outcome of the vote to amend North Carolina’s constitution yesterday.  Disheartened?  Perplexed?  Befuddled?  Bemused?  Whatever word you choose, there are a few things I am trying to grapple with. 

Call me a prude but I’m too old for 3-ways.

Seems to me, the people screaming for a smaller government are the first ones in line to vote against requiring insurers to offer birth control or gay marriage.  These people just want government to leave them alone so they can make money.   You can’t have it both ways though.  If you want government to laissez-faire the way you make a dollar, then you don’t get to lengthen government’s arm into my bedroom.  Assholes. 

This is where organized religion goes south.  No pun intended.  You will never catch me in a church.  That has no bearing on the fact that my mother is Jewish.  I’ve never been to temple either.  Organized religion has never, ever made sense to me. 

In my early years, I went to a Baptist church once or twice but it was just because some of the popular kids went there.  I was painfully uncool. In Sunday school, the teacher asked us if there was something we would like the class to pray for.  At the time, my aunt was very sick so I threw that out there.  It felt pointless to me but I said it just to say something.   Knowing those kids were praying for her gave me about zero comfort.  I was such a cynical little kid.  Baptists were even more soured in my eyes, when I was complaining to a fellow golf team member about my game.  I was in a rut.  She told me, point-blank, to come to God and He would help me with my golf game.  I barked back that God didn’t give a shit about my short game and I would go about in a less magical way and practice. 

I’ve never needed a community or some stucco building to help me feel closer to a God. I don’t consider myself a religious person anyways.  For me, finding peace within myself is the most important thing.  I find it when I’m outside.  In nature.  Unfortunately I live in Florida and I don’t find that peace at the beach.  At least not the beaches in central Florida.  They’re relaxing for sure but not a place to center myself.  The cars driving by and leather-tanned oldies in too tight bathing suits kind of muddy the experience.   This is a big reason I miss the mountains of the west so intensely. 

The problem I see with organized religion, I’ll liken to baking a cake.  You have 2 parts mob mentality.  A stick of judgement.  2 tablespoons of fear of outsiders.  1 teaspoon of control issues.  Finally a dash of superiority. Whip to a frenzy and heat to 400 degrees.

Adam is just trying to make an honest man out of Steve and in no way does that do any detriment to Paul and Rhoda’s marriage down the street.  The argument that gay marriage would devalue or invalidate traditional marriage is bunk.  Kim Kardashian did plenty to devalue the institution of marriage.  The real housewives do their fair share too.  Actually they all do an incalculable amount of harm to human nature itself, but I digress. 

The thing is, our time here is so short why do you want to spend it screaming about how others are living?  If you do believe God is the final judge and gays are living in sin, why not leave the dirty work up to Him?  It really frees up your time to go live your life.  All that time you spent judging others, hating the sin but loving the sinner will be yours now.  Think of all the vacations you can take or all the quilting you can do or even *blush* all the love-making you can have with your opposite sexed partner.  It’ll be wonderful.  Just let Adam and Steve do their thing too.

In the great words of Lennon/McCartney all you need is love.  Or if you’re a Wings fan, live and let live.