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How’s your dayThe Orkin guy should be here soon

I sigh.. 

Day’s okay.  I’m nervous about the bug verdict though. 

Termites.  I’m worried we have them.  We’ve been noticing weird bugs in our guest bathroom.  We’ve noticed some winged creatures in the house, the same time of the year, the last 3 years, but Orkin came out in December to do their yearly check for termites and the house received a clean bill of health.  However, the last week we’ve noticed bugs in a new part of the house. 

We live in an old house.  Plus we live in Florida.  Termites are a normal occurrence.  It’s not rare to see a few houses tented on the same block.  See what happens when you build on top of swamp land?!  You get crazy winged insects that destroy your house, slowly, over time and huge roaches that fly.  Roaches are the reason The Masshole has to get our bikes out of the shed every weekend.  As soon as we turn the light on, about 3 palmetto bugs scatter.  I’m flashing forward to tonight when we ride our bikes downtown for drinks.  UGH!  Thanks a lot early settlers! 

This is another problem and it loves our backyard. We have to throw this cooler away STAT

So now I’m anxiously awaiting The Masshole to give me the verdict over G chat.  If we have to move for 7 days who’s going to take us and our 18 weirdo cats in?  Okay we don’t have 18 but we do have, what some would call, an inappropriate amount of cats.  The Masshole came into the relationship with 3 – she’s the crazy one! The 4th one was my fault.  Handi-cat was too cute to turn away.  Anyways, our cat situation isn’t important. 

This just in – The house needs to be tented.  It will cost 3k.  I’m glad we rent. 

Help me! My house is being eaten.