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I regularly wrestle with the benefits of social media .  Some days I’ve got a bee in my bonnet because Facebook has eaten away at the way we communicate.   I see couples who live together communicate via Facebook.  Taking to your partner’s wall to ask him or her out on a date is the lowest form of courting I can think of.  This is not a rant about Facebook though.  No, this is me wrangling with the bitter fact that I am….not photgenic. 

This is usually the kind of turd that is produced when I get my picture taken

Pictures, pictures, pictures, tagging and posting.  I cringe when anyone says, “Okay get together y’all, let’s take a picture.”  Unfortunately nobody is polite enough to Photoshop the hell out the picture before they post it and tag me.  Leaving the dark circled, puffy-eyed girl.  I don’t even ask to see the picture anymore. 

Camera + is my friend

To add insult to injury I’m surrounded by highly photogenic folks.  The Masshole.  The Masshole can’t take a bad picture.  Believe me I’ve tried to capture a crooked smile, a crossed-eye, a bad side but she doesn’t have one.  Even when she’s cross-eyed drunk, she still manages to squeak out a good picture.  Damn her!  No amount of Photoshop and direction would help me achieve this…..

I look like a garden gnome compared to her.

Here are some pictures my friends would describe as “classic Adrienne”.

I’m either surprised or I’m whistling. Not sure.

I’ve tried chin up and out.  Then it just looks like I’m trying to hear something in the distance.   It’s almost as if I’m trying to find a new bad angle to capture.  

Chin up and out isn’t the answer, but sepia may be.