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I’m a cynic.  It just comes naturally to me.  I tried to be optimistic once.  Then my brain kicked my optimism in the shin.

As the election results trickled in Tuesday, I was so happy.  I was also drunk, but I was happy.  Elizabeth Warren won her race.  Fuck yeah!  She’s one smart lady.  I wished I was a resident of Massachusetts so I could vote for her.   Akin and that Mourdock both lost.  I guess that was just what God intended.  Colorado and Washington State (two states I have called home) ended their prohibition on marijuana.  There is no historical context for this.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a fan of the marijuana.  However, this is so much more than stoner relief.  I believe the next generation got their foot in the door politically speaking.  This is a reflection of a younger electorate.  More and more voters realize that adults can use the weed responsibly and it can be quite the revenue generator.  I’m also so fucking happy to see more states voting for marriage equality.

After the long election season, it’s a welcome relief to let the American people have a chance to voice their opinions and they spoke in a reasonable manner.  Unless you live in Florida like I do.  Our votes actually didn’t count.  Hell, they are still being counted.  This state is the weak boner of America.

I woke up Wednesday with a wonderful headache.  My head was pounding and my heart was racing.  I was one happy bastard though.  It was the most pleasant hangover I’ve suffered.  My brain, in the throes of wine withdrawal, tried to focus on the computer screen.  I read an article about this.  I read an article about that.  Then I read an article about this election being the most expensive election our nation has seen.  Upwards of $6 billion spent.  That’s when my hangover wasn’t so pleasant.  $6 billion.  In this economy?  I’m not naive.  I know this shit is expensive.  But that’s absurd.   $6 billion for what?  Nothing changed.  Now my cynicism is creeping up.  Essentially everything stayed exactly the same as it was.  Yes some Democrats picked up seats but control remained the same.  Republicans keep the House, Dems keep the Senate and Obama has another 4 years.  All that money spent to keep the status quo.  My cynicism is beating my progressive pride up like a bully in the schoolyard.

I would say that this next 4 years will be a time of reaching across my personal aisle to work with my side of optimism.  But then I realize those two sides will never see eye to eye.   Maybe I can get a prescription for medical marijuana to better deal with this blinding cynicism.