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There are some things about the human condition I just don’t understand.  I don’t understand religious faith.  I don’t understand the need to find a meaning of life.  I believe in simplicity.  Why waste what little time we have on this earth wondering about God and the after-life?  I believe in being happy now.  I believe it’s important to respect my waiter/waitress because ingesting fecal matter is really bad for you.    I believe in the importance of humor even if the timing seems inappropriate.  I don’t understand why someone, everyday is googling Katherine Heigl.  My WordPress stats show an alarming, consistent search.  From images and intel, what are you people are looking for?!  Why this constant, quest for Katherine Heigl knowledge?  If people would, stop judging others, be happy in the present and stop encouraging Ms. Heigl to make movies, the world may be a more peaceful place.  This goes for Tyler Perry movies too.