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After much shopping and crossing of fingers, I can now buy that merkin I had my eye on.  I’ve reached my seemingly elusive goal of 100 followers.  Champagne’s a popping, drawers are dropping and everyone’s showing off their crotch wigs.

I’d like to thank every one of you for following this thing, even though I’m, sporadic, at best, in my posting.  I’m not going to say I’ll get better at it in the New Year because that would be lying and I like to be truthful.  At least when it’s convenient and works in my favor.   Here’s to my next 100 followers and maybe getting Freshly Pressed (although I doubt a post filled with crotch wigs will do the trick).  I begrudgingly have to thank Katherine Heigl for giving me my 100th lucky follower.   

Merkins aren’t just fun for the ladies. Men can join in too!

Celebrate along with me and wear yours. Don’t buy cheap though. If you come wearing anything less than your best, I’ll ask you to leave. Don’t go to the Oscars wearing JCP.

My friend decided to join in but she didn’t really understand what kind of wig it is.