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Last week I took an impromptu trip back to Colorado.  It’s been 11 years since I’ve been back there.  I will never go that long again.

I moved to Colorado after I graduated college.  I decided to stay close to home when I chose what school I went to.  I wasn’t ready to leave the comfort of home just yet.  After graduation though, I was ready.  A friend of mine was bouncing around the idea of moving to Boulder.  I had nothing better going on in Orlando so I decided to tag along for the adventure.  Plus having a good friend with me, made the big move a lot less scary.  I was going along in my planning when I realized my friend wasn’t displaying the same enthusiasm as I was.  I slowly realized she wouldn’t pull the trigger on the move.  But I knew I had to go.  Too much research on my new city wouldn’t deter me.  I had kind of fallen in love with Boulder or at least the idea of living in Boulder.  So I went.  By myself.  I didn’t know a soul.  

The best decision I’ve ever made.  I grew up.  I found myself and discovered what was important to me.  Colorado was all about new experiences.  I had never stepped foot in the mountains before.  I had never camped or hiked.  I saw moose and elk.  I quit one of my two jobs and camped for a summer.  I heard bear up there almost every morning.  Everything was new.  I saw snow (the time it snowed in Orlando doesn’t count).  I got my car stuck in the snowy mountains.  I fell in love.  I realized life wasn’t as black and white as I liked it to be.  

My trip last week stayed true to my old Colorado life.  I snowboarded for the first time.  I was one broke girl when I lived there before and skiiing was too rich of a hobby for my blood.  Cue my friend and I going to Keystone for the night.  I took a full-day lesson.  I had a blast.  I never left the learning area and in the 3,000+ skiable acres at Keystone I managed to make it down .10 mile stretch once without falling.


Even though I saw .10 mile of the trails, this isn’t a bad view.



 I also stood onstage at Red Rocks.  


I saw nature.  And it saw me.  


Oh, hello


I miss waking up to the postcard every morning.  I was lucky to have it once.  I just hope I’m lucky enough to have it again.