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My office Christmas party is tonight.  Bets are open.  

  • Who will get pregnant?
  • How many girls will get pregnant?  (Last year there was one pregnancy so the over/under is 2)
  • How many F bombs will be dropped during the sales manager’s speech?
  • How many nipples will be flashed?  (Two years ago we saw 3, so the over/under is set at 2)
  • How many lap dances will be given?  (Over/under is 6)
  • How many girls will cry?  (Over/under is 8)
  • Will you see a couple making out on the hood of a car outside?
  • How many girls will inappropriately flirt with the owner?
  • Who asks me to join in on a triple kiss?  (Yep, that happened.  Not the triple kiss, I politely declined, but the Masshole and I did get asked)
  • Will that girl ignore the dress code we implemented because of her and wear her Frederick’s of Hollywood, Sexy Mrs. Claus outfit again this year?  

Everything on this list has happened once, twice or at every one of my office holiday parties.  What crazy things have happened at your office party?


I can’t believe that bitch in Accounting may get fired! Oh wait, that might be me.