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On Wednesday my mom and I are setting out on a road trip to Shelby, NC to see my uncle who’s recently been put in hospice because of a heart attack.   It’s a quick trip – Wednesday to Sunday.  Well, that’s what I hoped it would be.  That was before my mom and her acorn-sized bladder and general lack of road toughness gummed up the works.  I wanted to leave Wednesday and drive through the night so we had 3 full days up there.


Map B.M (Before Mom)

“Why don’t we drive half-way and get a hotel room.  My treat!  We can stop around Tipton, GA.”  To which I said, “We’re not driving 4 hours and calling it a day.  What are we, going to bed at 7!?”  What mom has taken into account and I had not, is that she can’t make it out of the state of Florida without stopping to use the bathroom.  Now let me state for the record it takes about 2.5 hours to get out of Florida.  Now let me repeat this:  She cannot make it out of the state of Florida without stopping for the bathroom.


Map A.M. (After Mom)

I love a good road trip.  So much so, that I have driven from Orlando to Seattle twice.  Why fly and meet my belongings out there when I can drive and enjoy the scenery?  I also made the trek from Orlando to Denver about half a dozen times.  I always chose to drive home when I lived in Colorado because it was more interesting than hopping on a plane.  4 out of 6 of those Denver trips I drove straight through.  I like the adventure of it all.

An 8-hour drive up to North Carolina would be cake.  I’m wondering if I can somehow knock my mom out with an ever-so-light sleeping pill, so she and her bladder rest peacefully while I drive us up to North Carolina.