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My creation! My creation!

So, I’m basically a full-blown adult now.  I cooked dinner for myself last night.  As most of my friends know, I stay away from all things kitchen.  My excuse?  I’ll just make a mess of it.  But I didn’t prepare just any dinner.  I leapt into culinary madness. I made spaghetti squash with homemade guacamole (black beans and corn too but they’re canned; so they don’t matter).   Roll your eyes at me.  G’head.  I would too because now I see how insanely easy this meal is.

The mere fact that I didn’t slice my hand open trying to halve that squash was a feat in and of itself.  I was freewheelin’ in that kitchen last night!

Multitasking was happening.  I was mixing, brushing things with olive oil, deseeding, chopping.  It was beautiful.  Multitasking in the kitchen has proven to be problematic for me in the past.  It’s usually a struggle for me to stir this, pre-heat that and add contents gradually while stirring in one direction without burning a spatula.

photo (1)

The photo effects makes this seem so much more sophisticated.

Oh yea, I can fold a fitted sheet now too.  What is happening?! And by folding a fitted sheet, I don’t mean, wadding it up and making it into a crude semi-square.  #Nailingit!