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Next week The Masshole and I are off to Colorado for 6 days.  Late May is mud season.  Perhaps, not the ideal time for a first-timer to travel there.  For me, any time of the year is a perfect time to visit my wonderful, old, stomping grounds.

We booked this trip 9 days prior to departure.  I don’t think in all of my life, I’ve booked a trip this last-minute.  We have the luxury of spontaneity.  At least for now.

This summer has become the summer of urgency.  We are trying to get it all in.  4 concerts and two trips to Boston – a Red Sox/Yankees game and a JT/Jay-Z concert.  Yes, we are making the yearly 1,300 mile trek to see a baseball game.  A baseball game to me.  To the Masshole, traveling to Fenway is like the hajj to Mecca.  This may be the last summer we make the pilgrimage for a long while.

The reason for the urgency?  We are trying…..(insert pregnant pause with no pun intended) to get pregnant.  I say it out loud, I write it down and I still cannot believe it.  I cannot believe I’m so excited.  My daydreams include twins.  I hardly recognize myself.  I’m practicing optimism for the first time.  Ever.  Considering how incredibly selfish I am can be, I’m ready to give up the life I’ve come to know.  I’m, how you say, shit-your-pants-excited.  I may be the only one who says that, so I’m taking the liberty of hyphenating it.  

If we’re lucky and get pregnant on our first attempt, Colorado will be the Masshole’s last hurrah.  Beer will flow, outdoor hot-tubbing will happen and snowboarding is possible.  6 days.  6 days, to live like we’re free.  Even if it’s mud season.