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Tomorrow.  It’s happening tomorrow morning.  Our first and hopefully last IUI (insemination for the laymen).  Odds are quite low for success on the first try.  However, I am practicing optimism for the first time.  Ever.

This isn’t going to turn into a blog about us trying to conceive.  Or TTC for those in the know.  I’ve read so many blogs about single women, couples with fertility issues and lesbian couples trying to make a baby.  There are acronyms galore and TTC is just one that I managed to figure out.  Not to take away from the arduous journey these folks are on but I can’t let this rule my life.

Tomorrow could be the beginning of the end of my life as I know it.  Or not.  We will have to wait two weeks to find out.  If not, we will try again.  We will probably try a third time if nature requires us to do so.  What I don’t foresee us doing, which kind of sets us apart from the women whose blogs I have read, is neither of us want to be on that 8th, 9th, or 14th try.  We both agree if it’s meant to be we will get pregnant.

Save the fact that my soul and my heart belong out west in the mountains, my life is full.  I have the most wonderfully weird,  understanding friends and girlfriend who completely get me.  I’m at peace with whatever happens.  What lies ahead couldn’t be more out of my control and I’m just fine with that.